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Model Photography – Organic Armor Set (Apr 2010)
Me - Headshot
jj_maccrimmon wrote in modelmayhem
I had the pleasure of doing a commercial promotional shoot back in April. The premise was simple. Two professional models (& friends), a costumer, a visiting steampunk band and I as photographer; would exchange our time and skills to produce a set of images we could all use. This was a multi-party TFP set where everyone would benefit. OA supplied the amazing bras, hats and wrist bands/chokers displayed in various photos. Due to an unexpected change in venue, these shots were different than planned. These are some of the results:

Murder Doll (seated) and Lindsey Porcellyne

Murder Doll and Lindsey Porcellyne

Murder Doll

Lindsey Porcellyne

The Extraordinary Contraptions

Below are a couple taken as promotionals for just the band

Organic Armor or

The Extraordinary Contraptions or

Murder Doll

Lindsey Porcellyne

JJ MacCrimmon Photography


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