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Model Mayhem

Models and Photographers on LJ

Looking for free amateur

Hey everyone, I'm new to this and I'm looking for people to model for me. Particularly interested in girls(as they are easier to work with). Also models will get the photos for free in exchange for free modeling

I live in Moreno Valley, California.

ISO TF Models

Hello Everyone! I am the photographer of Once Upon a...Photo located in Reading, PA. I have created a website for my business however I am in search of models willing to do TF shoots. It's a very relaxed and laid back company, nothing too hectic. If your interested in more information feel free to reach out!

Model Photography - Lovesick Siren (2011)
Me - Headshot
Last fall, I had to opportunity to do a set with an amazing new model from Atlanta. "Lovesick_Siren" had never done a professional shoot before this. She took direction like a champ and was very expressive.

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Model Photography - Beautiful Darkness weekend (2011)
Me - Headshot
I've been terribly silent about posting recent modeling sessions here. That is about to change.

This set is the retained images from the "Beautiful Darkness Weekend" Model-Photographer meet-up in Atlanta in the late summer of 2011. While there were some issues and problems event wise, I had to opportunity to photograph and network with some great folks.

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Model Photography - Twisted Doll (Gothic Americana)
Me - Headshot
During the course of the last month or so I’ve been editing several sets of images at a time. This is the last shots with the lovely and whimsical porcelainmistre taken during my visit to Gulfport this past September. These shots were taken on the grounds of an 1870 era mansion or at the Gulfport Pier.

** After the feedback from the previous sets with this model, I was a bit more circumspect in which images I elected to use and in their editing. In future sets I shoot with her, we're going to have a MUA available.

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Model Photography - Twisted Doll (Dancer)
Me - Headshot
This is the continuation of the September shoot with Twisted Doll in Gulfport.

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Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween! Retro Witch Shoot of me Ugly Shyla www.uglyart.net by DCB Photo Studios http://dcbphotostudios.com/ here in Louisiana.

Model Photography - Rosetta Fire (Full Set)
Me - Headshot
As mentioned earlier, I had the chance to work with Lady Rosetta Fire - MM# 313406
(www.ladyrosettafire.com) at DragonCon 2010 and it was a tremendous opportunity create magic on the fly. Rosetta frequently portrays the ultimate gothic vampire, but in this case, she dawned a 1920's aviator head piece and looked longingly to the open skies.

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Model Photography - Kiari Vamp
Me - Headshot
Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with first time model Kiari. This beautiful young lady had been wanting to learn to model and Fate brought us together. The results are spectacular.

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Model Photography - Tori (Test Set)
Me - Headshot
Late this spring, I had the chance to do a brief set of photos with a young lady in town and repressents one of two exceptions I made to recent shooting policies. First, I don't tend to want to work with under 18 subjects. I have had bad experiences crop up and require that a parent or guardian in attendance for ALL photo work. Tori was also a vendor/artist at the Flying Monkey Art Center. I've sworn off working with subjects remotely associated with it, but given discussions with her AND her parents, I changed my mind. I am glad I did and look forward to again.

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