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Model Photography - Tori (Test Set)
Me - Headshot
jj_maccrimmon wrote in modelmayhem
Late this spring, I had the chance to do a brief set of photos with a young lady in town and repressents one of two exceptions I made to recent shooting policies. First, I don't tend to want to work with under 18 subjects. I have had bad experiences crop up and require that a parent or guardian in attendance for ALL photo work. Tori was also a vendor/artist at the Flying Monkey Art Center. I've sworn off working with subjects remotely associated with it, but given discussions with her AND her parents, I changed my mind. I am glad I did and look forward to again.

Yes, as you might guess, she shot best from her left. As it was a (good) test, the next set will be a bit more expressive and show different looks.

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