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Model Mayhem

Models and Photographers on LJ

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Model Photography - Kiari Vamp
Me - Headshot
jj_maccrimmon wrote in modelmayhem
Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with first time model Kiari. This beautiful young lady had been wanting to learn to model and Fate brought us together. The results are spectacular.

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Those are just gorgeous pictures. She doesn't look like the type of girl you'd find at K-Mart to compare TV prices (http://checkpricetag.com/product/search/?psps_keywords=TV&id=1907), but you know that she is. It's just simply stunning what makeup, good photography and clothing can do for a person.

I'm really not sure how to take this. After living in Los Angeles for years, this would be called a side-ways compliment. It comes off as complimentary while still being politely condescending. Further the comment gives the impression that you're assuming things about the model’s social and personal background. (Kmart, come-on.. really..)

While I certainly appreciate the compliment, perhaps you should reconsider how you approached this.

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