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Model Mayhem

Models and Photographers on LJ

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Model Photography - Rosetta Fire (Full Set)
Me - Headshot
jj_maccrimmon wrote in modelmayhem
As mentioned earlier, I had the chance to work with Lady Rosetta Fire - MM# 313406
(www.ladyrosettafire.com) at DragonCon 2010 and it was a tremendous opportunity create magic on the fly. Rosetta frequently portrays the ultimate gothic vampire, but in this case, she dawned a 1920's aviator head piece and looked longingly to the open skies.

Where is my airship today?

Amazing figure

It wasn't Redbull that gave this beauty wings

Saluting the crew

Returning to the warmth of the lounge, she blows kiss

Gives me a sweet grin...

..then seems to ponder a bit of mischief

She notes she has a secret

Nothing is ever as it seems